As mortgage brokers, We work with many banks. We will find the bank that best fits your individual needs.
Our goal is to offer you great friendly service, at the most competitive rates. We will educate you, so the right decisions can be made.

You can find a lot of helpful information on this site. If you have any questions, just click "Contact Us". You can also reach our office at: 912-368-3980, fax: 912-368-3982, or email .

We are confident that we can help you with all of your Mortgage needs.

Norris Moody - Mortgage Broker
Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee # 18726
Moody Mortgage Corporation NMLS # 170664

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  • Great customer service

    At Moody Mortgage Corporation we take pride in our great customer service. Our staff is here for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, problems or maybe a suggestion. We would love to hear from you.

  • Clients come first

    We make sure our clients get the best support from our staff. We will walk you through the whole mortgage process and ensure your transactions close smoothly.

  • We offer superior loans and mortgages.

    Moody Mortgage Corporation works with multiple lenders. We are able to provide our clients with extremely competitive pricing. Now you can do all your comparison shopping with one company without wasting time with several banks or brokers.